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Tuyet Huynh (Sales Manager )
Tuyet Huynh (Sales Manager )
0905 924 802
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Mr. Quang (OPS Manager)
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Fresh durian fruit is the king of fruit in a Viet Nam. Contain 19 Kgs in paper box, 5-6 durias in box

The durian is a highly unusual fruit produced in tropical countries in Southeast Asia. It is extraordinary in several aspects: In size, it is among the largest fruits in the world, second only to the breadfruit and the jackfruit. In appearance, the hundreds of hard spikes on its skin are unique. In price, it is the most expensive even in a producing country. In taste, its rich, exotic flavour is incomparable. Yet, in smell, it is considered fetid and offensive by some, especially foreigners who have not tasted the fruit before.

Viet nam began to export durians in 1978 with Hongkong as its most important market. Other markets include Singapore and other neighbouring countries, Europe and the United States.Please contact TTH to get best price !

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