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Recruitment information
TTH Import -Export always need talent, key factors determining the success of an organization. To join the strong team of industry sale Import -Export, you always think you need to have a relationship, there should be an eye-catching appearance ... However, for TTH Import -Export, simply talent who have professional ethics, can complete work in their respective areas and special needs passion.
 If you feel you are talent under our interpretation, please contact us for TTH Import -Export and you have the opportunity to work together.
 Round 1: Select Profile
Choose the profile to consider the appropriateness of the applications against the requirements of the position to be recruited. All the candidates have been selected profile will be notified via email or call directly.
 Note: The application documents required are full at least the following documents:
Job application (stating the applied position)
4x6 attached.
The diploma or certificate concerned.
Profile mailed, candidates only bring hard copy documents directly to the interview.
 Round 2: Interview
This is an official meeting between the candidate and the company. Through this interview, the company has additional information to assess whether candidates are really suited to the requirements of the job vacancies or not.
Some key issues for consideration to the Company generally, such as communication skills, ability to work, ability to organize work and planning, the ability to think and solve problems, check some information The records: The process of learning, experience, skills, ... In this interview, applicants can also ask company-related issues. In some cases, companies might see you more than once candidates. Candidates selected will receive notification within 7 days of the interview.
 Contract Deals:
The candidates are selected through a next interview will be scheduled a meeting to agree on labor contract and related matters, including contracts, employment, wages, working time. Everything is done the next labor contract and guidance of officers directly and HR staff.
 Complete documents after matriculation:
After receiving notice of matriculation, candidates must prepare and submit the following documents to the HR staff to finalize the procedures for receiving new employees:
CVs original
Birth certificate or notarized copies
Health certificate valid accented circles within 3 months
Photo identity card certified by the local
Diploma or certificate copy student (if any)
Transcripts and certificates copies
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